How to Play European Roulette

How to Play European Roulette

The original game that has made a hit around the world, European roulette, has remained popular for several reasons, especially for its interactive gameplay. Players can place a wide range of bets across the roulette table, including both inside and outside the betting table. The opportunities to win and grow the original bankroll are seemingly endless. If you have wondered about the European roulette rules and how to play, we got you covered here. Follow along as we break down the rules and no-fail strategies that can help you become a better gamer faster.

Basic Rules

How to Play European Roulette - Basic Rules

First of all, the European wheel differs from others of its kind in the number of pockets. The European wheel has 37 separate sections, with only one 0 and no 00. Just like in all versions, the dealer will release the ball after all bets are made, allowing it to spin until it comes to a stop in one spot. Payouts are then made to all successful players, and then starts another round of betting.

The types of bets that players can make are part of all the fun. Dealers will announce the time when players can begin betting, allowing them to place chips on certain parts of the table until the final call. The latter are divided into two different types of bets, where their payouts vary.

Inside Bets

How to Play European Roulette - Inside Bets

The Straight Bet

The highest payout of the bunch at 35:1. Players simply choose their number and place their chips directly on top of the number.

The Split Bet

The payout is half of the above at 17:1; in this bet, the chip is placed on the line that separates 2 numbers, paying out in the case that either number hits.

The Street Bet

Paying out 11:1, this bet requires placing the chip on the line and includes all of 3 numbers in a line.

The Corner Bet

A bet with an 8:1 payout, it includes 4 numbers. These are usually grouped in the shape of a square with the chip placed in the middle corner where all of them meet.

Outside Bets

How to Play European Roulette - Outside Bets

The Column Bet

Here the chips are placed at the end of an entire column. If any number lands within the whole column, the payout is 2:1.

The Dozen Bet

Also paying out 2:1, this bet includes 12 total numbers that are grouped together.

The Color Bet

Always a safe and fun bet to keep your bankroll healthy. Players can place chips directly within either color box. Whatever the color of the number that hits pay out 1:1.


Just like the color bet, here the payout is 1:1. This bet gives 50/50 chances for winning, and as above, it’s a safe bet to keep money coming in.

European Roulette Strategy

How to Play European Roulette - European Roulette Strategy

Now that we know how to play European roulette, let’s take a peek into some of the most recommended and practiced strategies to increase the chances of winning.

One of the easy to follow European roulette tips and tricks is one that we have already mentioned above. Bets like color or even/odd are considered safe and come with less risk. Why, you may ask? Making these smaller bets can keep your total cash growing steady. You will not always win this bet, but your odds are always 50/50. Plus, the payouts are 1:1, so you’re not losing a large amount if you lose a few in a row. Even when betting the inside, you’d better always place at least the minimum number of chips within one of the 1:1 bets.

A highly recommended European roulette winning strategy is to practice the Martingale system. It is simple and can be done without much thinking. Basically, what you’ll need to do is double bets every time you lose. The system is based on the idea that winnings come around quite regularly, basically returning any of the money that you have lost in the process of playing. Once you win, the strategy says to go back to your initial wager, beginning again. The method can also be reversed. With the reverse approach, you would double only when you win. When you lose, you go back to your preferred and more comfortable amount.

Find your Method

The rules of European roulette are pretty easy to grasp. Once you’ve played a few times and learned the different types of bets, you can begin to branch out and try different methods in hopes of finding the best one for you. Not a lot of gamers stick to the same techniques, with most of them changing them up to keep things fresh. The more comfortable you get with the bets and payouts, the better you will play and the more confident you will become. Still, always remember to do so responsibly.