How to Play American Roulette

How to Play American Roulette

What started in Italy as a game played with a little has traveled all around the world. As it made its way across large bodies of water, it was adapted a bit, becoming what is now the version of American roulette. It still has most of its roots, keeping the same action-packed play that gamers from all around the world know and love.

One of the most significant differences you’ll see at first glance is the number of sections divided out among the wheel. The American version comes with 2 green zones with both 0 and 00 as opposed to one in the European version. The same table is spread out along alongside the wheel, where players can make their bets in several ways.

Types of Bets

How to Play American Roulette - Types of Bets

There are 2 versions of bets, both divided into inside and outside. When first coming to the table of choice, players will need to exchange cash for chips, using these to place around the table in their desired position. The types of bets that players can make are listed below.


  • Straight. A 35:1 payout, the highest of all, happens when your lucky number hits.
  • Split comes with a 17:1 payout and is split between two numbers that are at each other’s side.
  • Street. It has an 11:1 payout and groups up to three numbers at the same time in a line.
  • Corner. Paying out 8:1, this bet groups together 4 numbers that are together in a square.
  • Line. With a 5:1 payout, here two total rows for a total of 6 numbers are played and made possible.


  • Column. 2:1, Includes the entire column of where the chip is placed.
  • Dozen. 2:1, 12 total numbers grouped together are included in this bet.
  • Color. 1:1; it can be placed in the red square or black square for a 50/50 chance.
  • Even/Odd. With a 1:1 payout, this is also a 50/50 shot that comes with the type of number you land. It pays out depending on whether it is even or odd.

American Roulette Strategy

How to Play American Roulette - American Roulette Strategy

Now that you know about the bets and their payouts, let’s take a look at some methods you can use to increase your chances of a win. One of the most used and practiced American roulette tips out there is the Martingale. This method calls for players to double their wagers every time they lose. The idea here comes from the thought that in roulette, things happen in pairs or groups. With this method, you will usually not have to worry about dipping far below your bankroll with the thought being ‘a win will eventually come around.’ When betting and losing, Martingale strategy states that gamers should double their bets, only returning to the original amount wagered when they get a win.

There are some players out there that have also reversed the Martingale system entirely. Instead of doubling when losing, the doubling is done only when winning. Players will go back to their original wager only when they lose. 

Another one of the frequently practiced American roulette tricks is always to place an outside bet of some sort, most commonly color or even/odd. The idea behind this strategy is that winning smaller bets over a longer time has a reputation of keeping the player’s bankroll replenished and healthy. This approach almost always gives players more money to make riskier bets, choosing their lucky or preferred number in hopes of hitting a straight bet.

Lots of expert players always give out one tip, and that is to bet the 0 or 00. The payout is better overall, but the odds of hitting are a little lower with the house edge falling at around 2.70%. When a player is lucky enough to hit this bet, they will get the payout from all the outside bets made, which can total up pretty high.

One thing to note before we wrap up is that there is no proven method of how to win American roulette. While some strategies are preferred by some players and others – by other players, there is not one that guarantees wins 100% of the time. As in all gambling, there is always a chance that a lucky bet will hit, making the need to practice strategy disappear.

Where to Go from Here?

After getting familiar with the American roulette rules, you may start experimenting with different strategies and methods. Lots of gamers adopt a variety of them, depending on how one or the other is working in their favor as they place their bets. The best way to improve in any gaming situation is to keep practicing, continuing to gain familiarity the more you play. Also, keep in mind that losing does happen. In roulette, however, the losses might not hit so hard and are relatively easy to recover from.