Best Roulette Odds and Payouts

Best Roulette Odds and Payouts

Playing roulette seems to be all about the fun, but there are a few things to take into consideration when betting with real money. We are talking about odds and payouts, the thing that some gamers dread calculating. These numbers aren’t usually kept secret, but how do you use them to your advantage? There are so many possibilities for bets in the game of roulette, each one coming with a different payout ratio and odds.

The types of bets are broken into 2 categories: inside and outside. In general, the bets on the inside pay off the best, but those on the outside come with the highest winning chances.

Roulette Odds for Outside Bets

Best Roulette Odds and Payouts - Roulette Odds for Outside Bets

We will start with the most preferred bets overall, the outside ones. Their preference among gamers comes from the large number of bets that can be made and also high odds. The payouts are not very high, but they still offer players many chances to grow their bank.

The thing about most of the roulette payouts for outside bets is that most of them are match bets, meaning that they pay out 1:1. It is valid with all even/odd, color, and low/high bets; all of them come with 50/50 odds. Column and dozen bets are the other options for outside bets and come with a 2:1 payout ratio. These all come with lower odds, all of them closer to 33%.

Roulette Odds for Inside Bets

Best Roulette Odds and Payouts - Roulette Odds for Inside Bets

Inside bets are generally higher in terms of the payout but come with very low odds. Depending on the type of bet and the quantity of numbers grouped up in each bet, the odds adjust along with the payout. We have broken them down, explicitly outlining the odds and payouts you can expect from each one.


Of course, going all-in on only one number comes with low odds, but if you’re successful, the payouts are impressive. A straight bet is made on one single number and comes with a 2.7% chance in European roulette. The payouts however, are 35:1.


Adding another number to the mix halves the payout, making it 17:1. There is a 5.41% chance of successfully hitting this bet, which will pay if either number lands.


Growing in odds, players have an 8.11% chance of hitting this bet. It involves a total of three numbers that are grouped along a line.


Players have a 10.8% chance of successfully hitting one of the four numbers involved in a corner bet. The payout is 8:1 if any of the four hits at the end of a spin.

Increase your Roulette Betting Odds

Best Roulette Odds and Payouts - Increase your Roulette Betting Odds

The best thing about roulette is the fact that players can always play both inside and outside bets, by making not only one bet but multiple bets of both types. For this reason, the best way to increase your odds is to combine bets of different kinds. Doing this, you can make riskier bets over time, keeping your funds from getting too low in the process.

For example, in one round, you could bet a split or straight along with a less risky and lower payout bet like color. If you don’t hit your lucky number or numbers, you will at least walk away with a bit if it lands on color, decreasing your overall losses. This strategy can also be applied to all levels of payouts, including low, middle-range, and high ones.

Another tip to improve your odds is always to bet the minimum. Do this with a combination of both inside and outside bets, and you will notice your bankroll and odds grow. The more bets you make combined, the higher your odds climb, and betting the minimum saves you from the risk of substantial losses. Over time, these minimum bets will add up, transforming your personal jackpot and giving you more chances to bet riskier and bigger.

Final Thoughts

To get the best odds in roulette, you should be competent about the types of bets and their odds. Having a good grasp on these will bring more fortune your way, making you a more knowledgeable and mindful better in the process. It is always a good idea to set a clear goal about your bankroll, keeping a number in mind that you do not want to get below. Knowledge of the trends and possibilities is the first step to take to develop your own strategy, learning what works for you to win you loads of cash. But keep in mind that though these methods increase your odds, you still are not guaranteed a win. Roulette is here to stay, and now that you know the basics of play, you should start understanding why players all around the world choose to try their luck at the roulette wheel. We’re sure you’ll like it, too; just remember to always game responsibly.